Thursday, March 17, 2011

With success, will always have failure.

First of all, thank you everyone for your lovely comments of support yesterday on my onederland post. It's been a fabulous journey; the best of my life. I started blogging, like most, to simply hold accountable my day to day actions and decisions so I could look back and reference from time to time. And here I am with so many wonderful followers, with developing friendships, with a reading list of your journey's that I look forward to starting my day off with. I love it here. ♥

But, with success, there are always moments of failure. We all know this all to well. Yesterday, what started as a treat turned into a fail, of epic proportion. My kryptonite: Girl Scout Cookies [Thin Mints]. I talked about this a few weeks ago. And again, I failed. I was on my way home and a girlfriend called saying my cookies had arrived. Crap! I had totally forgotten I ordered these. And even worse, five, yes f-i-v-e boxes. What the hell was I thinking? I thought back and sure enough, I ordered during my fill-hell in Janaury. Stupid girl! I didn't want to cancel and hurt her little girls feelings so I went to pick them up. I wasn't going to have any!

All the way down the road, I kept looking in the box...3 Samoas, 2 Thin Mints. Nope, not going to have them. I already had a mental list going of who I was going to gift them too. I ran to the bank, stopped at the grocery store and it was on my way home at the last red light out of town, I was checking nutrition labels and decided Thin Mints were healthier and I would have one serving. So I open the box, open the plastic, and before I know it - two cookies were seconds. I still had 2 to go. Score!

As you probably know thin mints come in two individually wrapped columns of cookies, 16 cookies per column. An hour and a half later, I had ate an.entire.column. 16 cookies. 3 servings too many. 640 calories. 32 fat. What had I just done? I had even pushed through the tummy ache that this had caused to finish the remaining few cookies.


J's sister knocked at the door and with them, I sent home the remainder of the cookies; the rest of my box, 1 new box of Thin mints and 2 boxes of Samoas...I let sweet hubby keep one box.

I was emotionally sick the rest of the afternoon. How could a treat turn into sabotage? How could I reach such a huge milestone, 12-hours earlier, and then binge on stupid cookies?

This morning when I woke, the guilt had pretty subsided and I had been left with the feeling of a new day. A new chance. We all fall weak. We all fail at times. One decision, one bad decision, doesn't define my journey.

As much as I love the success I had to hold myself accountable for this fail, and post.

Happy St. Patty's Day, my friends.


  1. I like your've realized what you need to do and are back on track. :)

  2. That is what this is all about right? Making mistakes and learning. Great post and you are doing a great job!

  3. As much as I hate that you had this moment, you posting about it makes me feel not so awful that I have moments like this. I think when I do, I'm going to post about them too. I need the accountability.

  4. Sorry you experienced it, but this is what it's all about. Making mistakes, being accountable for them, and getting right back on track. To me, that is the definition of success.

    We are human. We are not perfect beings. We will make mistakes. There isn't anything inherently bad about that and it's a heck of a lot better than black-or-white, "I'm perfect or I'm a total failure so why try?" mentality.

    You look so pretty in your green sweater! Happy St.P-day

  5. yep been there done that. I am hoping to avoid it this year. I got broken down for 2 boxes. So far I have only eaten 2. We will see though.

    Happy saint ppat day!

  6. 2 cookies not boxes...thought I would clarify that lol

  7. So is not a success only journey. The best thing is that it takes repeating those behaviors over and over again to truly fail.
    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  8. Nikki,

    You are a rock star!! You saw your weakness, you held yourself accountable and now you are moving on.

    We all fall down, but we get back up!!

    We are still proud of you!!

  9. You're right! It's a new day! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be - all we can worry about is TODAY!

  10. You are right, today is a new day. As long as you take the old lesson into the new day, all can be good! I was doing great yesterday until someone came around with ice cream sandwiches. I haven't had one in years. I have been having trouble with my stomach and sticking pretty much to liquids, so I totally justified this in my mind as a "soft food" that would melt into liquid. Whatever. I went home and there were peeps. And these weird cookies that the kids buy that taste like lemon pledge smells, but in a good way. I had one of those. But today is my new day too.

    And BTW...that is my FAVORITE picture you, it is so flattering!

  11. As far as binges go, a 640 calorie one isn't really all that bad. Plus they have some protein. I've eaten a couple of servings of those cookies this year. They're very yummy and I could have easily kept going too!

    So consider yourself forgiven and keep being as wonderful as you have been!

  12. First, gorgeous pic! Second, you're right. We all fall. We all stumble. The difference between succes and failure is getting back up. You held yourself accountable and moved on. Perfect!

  13. I ate a whole box of Do-Si-Dos in two days. Girl Scout cookies are evil and it happens. :) You, like the awesome girl you are, gave the rest of your away. SUCCESS!! Not Failure.

    Also, what a gorgeous picture!

  14. It's all part of the process...and I'm sure skinny people binge on GS cookies every now and then too. The difference is not making a habit out of I used to. :)

    Get up, dust yourself off, and don't look back...onward!

  15. Honestly - you're just so stinking cute. I can't get over it.

  16. but.... you got rid of the cookies. I see that as a serious success!!! Meh.. you had some cookies. Yes you did it on a stupid day to do it. But I can absolutely guarantee you that on a similar such day for me - I would have done the same thing and eaten the other roll too. Hitting the milestone would have subconsciously scared the shit out of me and I would have totally reacted with something quick and easy to eat. A lot of whatever was quick and easy.

    On the whole - I think you did very good!!

  17. I am catching up on posts and just read the onederland...How AWESOME! Congrats! you have done soo well! We all have those slip up and cookie times (i have had a ton) but you recognize it and move on!!

  18. Great Post! Congrats on Onederland too! I love your more beating ourselves up. I figured out after awhile that my worst sabotage times were just after reaching milestones/new lows...I call them 'new low gain' LOL. Sometimes just being aware of when/why they happen can move us ahead in this long journey. You look GREAT! -BG

  19. It's always best to let the guilt go. We all have bad days. The important thing is to get back on track as quickly as possible.

  20. I can't believe I missed this post! I had... about 10 Samoas the day the dang Girl Scout cookies came out. Sadface. I know you're back on track by now you little rockstar, you, but I just wanted to give you some words of encouragement anyway. :)

  21. I had a bad day yesterday. I was a CARB SLUT. I HATE how a treat turns into sabotage.

    All we can do is dust ourselves off and surge forward.

    And that really is the difference this time around. We realize what we are doing and stop. Get back on the bandwagon.


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