Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prayers please.

Quick update:

  • My husband's mamaw is dying. She has only been given a few days, this was a few days ago. She got worse over night and all the family has been called in. Prayers appreciated.

  • Thanksgiving was a success. Well, except for the tiny smigeon of pumpkin pie and the few crackers with homemade cheeseball I had at a get together the following Saturday.

  • Weigh-in Wednesday showed only a .2 lb. loss. It was a loss and I am happy with that. I've only got in 3 days of excercise in the past week - due to the sickness of his mamaw. Plus I did indulge (see above) a bit over Thanksgiving. This was my lowest week yet but as I said, it's been an off week. Also, I think it's time for my monthly pest.

  • I will update more later. I've been reading, just haven't had time to comment.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Husband's Mom. You are ALL in my prayers...

    (((hugggsssss))) to you, my Friend...

  2. I'm sending prayers your way too. So sorry about that.

  3. sorry to hear.... hard to be on the sidelines as someone you love is grieving, but i'm sure you've got lots of strength to be there for hubby.
    sounds like you handled Thanksgiving like a real champ!
    We'll be here when life settles down and you can get back to your blogging routine :)

  4. I will definitely pray for your family. Sending virtual hugs and love.

  5. Hugs. Hope her passing is peaceful, and everyone gets to say goodbye.

  6. Thoughts and prayers for your family.
    Have a pretty day,

  7. Thoughts and prayers are on the way. Sorry you are going though this hard time!


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