Monday, November 29, 2010's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I enjoyed a 5 day holiday and other than going by a wee bit fast, it was perfect. I hope yours was as well! Eating was pretty much right on. I got stuck several times with Turkey, but it was my fault. I did indulge in a small bite of green-bean casserole and a spoonful of pumpkin pie on Friday. What would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie?

I broke my December 1 rule this year - I just couldn't wait. Our trees went up and our house was decorated on Friday. Everything looks so beautiful. We went to the Fantasy of Trees yesterday for the first year; beautiful! I think we will make it a yearly tradition! We have so many events coming up this month to celebrate the season, it's gonna be the best Christmas season we've had in a long time.

This week, I start on my New Year's Eve goal: -12 (for a total of -50) I'VE.GOT.THIS!

I leave you with pictures from the weekend.

Have a beautiful week, my friends.

Thanksgiving Day - Jamie and I

 Thanksgiving Day - Me with my momma

Thanksgiving Day - J and his mom

                                                          Thanksgiving Day - My brother and I

                                                                 Thanksgiving Day - J and I

                                                    Thanksgiving Day - My niece Rachel and I

                                                      Thanksgiving Day - My Mamaw Bea and I

Thanksgiving Day - My brother and cousin Jody

My beautiful (real) Christmas tree! 

                                                           Main Bathroom - I love these Santa's

                                                           Fantasy of Trees - Merry Christmas!

                                                   Fantasy of Trees - These trees were gorgeous!

                                                      Fantasy of Trees - Handbells and caroling

                                                                  Fantasy of Trees - 'tis me

                                                                            Fantasy of Trees

                                                                          Fantasy of Trees
                                                             Fantasy of Trees - Me and my love

                                                  Fantasy of Trees - Wonderland Village

                                                                       Fantasy of Trees 

Fantasy of Trees


  1. Wow. Those trees are just beautiful...I need something like that to put me in the mood. You're looking pretty snazzy yourself!

  2. I agree with her! Snazzy! Looking good!

  3. your tree is beautiful!

    12lbs by new years? I'm not making any timed weight loss goals... my weight loss is weirdly slow post fill and VERY unpredictable so it seems all i can do is follow the rules and do what i'm supposed to do and eventually it will come off. i know i'll just start to get mad if i give myself deadlines to lose weight by!

  4. You're looking wonderful!! I love the pictures of you and the Hubs - such a beautiful couple! And the picture of you an your niece, you look like sisters!! I'm so happy that you had a nice holiday!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful tree photos! I know that I'm more in the Christmas spirit now!!


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