Monday, November 8, 2010

Flattery, for the first time.

Happy Monday! It's such a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. It's sunny, cool and breezy; love it! I don't think I mentioned before but I got sick last week, around Wednesday. Friday I left work early and pretty much stayed on the couch the entire weekend. I'm much better today and so happy to be out of the house. I hope everyone else is well. It's that time of year when the sniffles and coughs like to appear; be sure to sneak in some extra Vitamin C over the next few months!

Last week I posted that my restriction wasn't quite as good as it was the first few days following my first fill, October 21st, and that my next fill was scheduled 6-weeks out on December 8th. Although my numbers have continued to fall beautifully, my restriction kind of just isn't there. It's almost like I want to eat something naughty, to get stuck, to know it's still there. Each day I am relying more and more on willpower as hunger pains are becoming more frequent. With Thanksgiving coming up, I called my doctor today and requested a 4 week fill, instead of a 6 week fill; they scheduled me for next Thursday. This makes me happy! Thanksgiving turkey is my kryptonite and I was so, so nervous going through the big day without restriction. I'm nervous anyways, as this will be the first food centered event I've been to, post-op. So far, nothing has entered my mouth outside breakfast, lunch or dinner and nothing unhealthy, at that. My will-power has been great, but if I had to solely rely on it, I wouldn't be traveling this journey, right? So, many thanks to my fabulous surgeon's office for getting me in a wee bit earlier.

I wanted to share something fabulous with you. I received a text from a friend this morning, telling me what a motivator I have become how I have jump started their efforts to shed thier extra weight. This was all kinds of flattery. Especially from this paticular friend. She is gorgeous, smaller than me and for her to notice and to actually be motivated from me, well, is just lovely. I remember just 3 short months ago when I was a few pounds shy of my heaviest at 260. I was so out of shape and so unhappy about myself. None of my clothes were fitting and my self-esteem had officially plumitted to its lowest. point. ever. Now a few pounds shy of being in the 'teens, life is great and I love the gym. Know there is always someone who notices your efforts. If we are taking care of ourselves, others will notice. And if we are fortunate enough, we can inspire others to be healthy with us. Everyday, your blogs inspire me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


  1. beautifully written I love the last part, its so very true!!!

  2. You are an inspiration to ME! Thank you!!

  3. Every day I mention something that one of you girls has shared with me. Be it motivational or supportive or informative! This is a great time in our lives! I feel it!! :)

  4. My hubby gets so sick of me talking about you bloggers. I keep trying to explain that even though I haven't met you in person, I still KNOW you. He doesn't get it. You've been doing so great...Keep it up! Cool that your doc is letting you get your fill early. I go in next week for mine...I'm also very glad I'm getting in before T-Day.

  5. hi band twin :)
    how much have you lost since your fill? I'm hoping that mine will start kicking into high gear. i can definitely eat a bit more than i could immediately after the big girl fill and i'm getting hungry, but really only after about 5 hours if i let meals go that long so i'm not even sure i'll need a fill at my next appt the first week of december.
    i just had a good friend tell me that she's been inspired to follow in my footsteps and has asked for info about the band and my nutritionist. i was so excited to see her come to that point so i know how you feel!
    keep up the great work and good for you on making sure you're where you need to be BEFORE your trigger day!


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