Monday, November 1, 2010

Smaller sizes, bigger goals.

I survived Halloween with enjoying only a small York Peppermint Pattie; success! I can't say temptations weren't lurking having 5 kids for the weekend, but I did well. I've actually done excellent with temptations and food choice. My fill, almost 2 weeks ago, is ok. I can tell I don't have near the restriction I did a few days following, so I'm getting hunger pains about 3 hours after each meal, versus the 4-6 hours I originally had. I don't eat more than I should so I don't know how much over a cup I could eat. It's a lot of pure will power right now. I will do nothing to sabotage this and hopefully can get in for a 2nd adjustment prior to my December 8th appointment.

Friday afternoon I stopped in Old Navy (my favorite store) and was looking for something new to wear for the weekend. I took a size 18 jeans in the dressing room for giggles, just to see how much more I needed to loose before I could purchase. O-MY-GOODNESS did they slide on beautifully, zip and button right up? a size 18! My clothes are fitting so much better and I've been able to fit into things I've not wore in years. It's so exciting, possibly euphoric.

Having said that, as silly as this sounds - it wasn't until this weekend that it really set in how fat I had gotten. How the hell did I not truly know what I had done to myself? I've lost nearly 30lbs, yet I'm still a fat ass. I was in pictures over the weekend and just couldn't believe that I was still.just. big. People have noticed and have had many kind things to say, which puts me over cloud 9, but personally, I just want to see a skinny me. It's pushed me even further toward motivation and I will not stop until I get to my goal.

I've done awesome with my fitness goals! Tonight I start a 6-weeks Intro class to Nia. I'm excited to see what this really is; you can check it out here and here. I'm going to attempt Bodypump again tomorrow followed by Zumba. In addition to classes, I hit about 2 miles on the treadmill each night as well. My numbers are looking great and I feel wonderful.

I've not been this happy about myself in such a long, long time.


  1. Awesome on the exercise goals this week! You are really doing what you should to make this work! Good girl! Hope I am the same!

    On the whole 'Why did I let myself get this way' Thing. I am coming out of the same thought! Don't let that be a set back because you are working to be that skinny girl now! Look forward and know that I am really proud and excited for you!

    I can not be a size 18...I have a few 18s now and they fit okay but I want them to really flippin fit comfortably. Keep it up. The size I am really excited for is a 14 for what ever reason. It has been ages since I was a 14~

  2. That is very good news...normally 30 days after you have been approved! Hopefully that is the case for me too! Yay

  3. What I've realized is that I've lost 25 lbs and am not ready to shop for new clothes. I think I was wearing stuff that was just too small. I think I had stretched them out so that it worked but not good. Can't wait until I can buy new stuff!

  4. Hey! Congrats on your NSV at Old Navy - that's got to put a smile on your beautiful face!!

    And you're doing so well on the fitness side, too! It's showing - enjoy it!

  5. Being happy with yourself is the best feeling in the world. Glad things are going well and good luck with your exercise.


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