Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little bit o' random.

it's wonderful to have sunshine back around these parts....as much as i love the cold weather, the snow, the scarfs, boots and coats....i think, for the first time ever, i am anxious for spring to come around. it's been in the low 60s the past few days after 2 weeks of sub-freezing temperatures; 'tis lovely.

sigh. i wished I could give more to the country of Haiti; more than money and supplies. i wished i could give my heart and soul, my help, my love. the children they are showing on news totally tears my heart out...the families crying out in desperation in search of their loved ones and the volunteers begging for medical supplies. so sad. please say a special prayer for the residents and volunteers.

and, i found this too cool software the other day, that totally makes polaroid pics. and on top of that, i found a brand new polaroid instant film camera last weekend at a local thrift store, for just $5. i am so excited. i love, love polaroid pics. so, i played around and took this too cute pic of the hubs.

thanks Jay for being my model, up close and personal style.

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