Monday, January 18, 2010

let the good times roll

this year will be the best year ever. i think they say, "you spend your twenties learning who you are, your thirties living & your forties on top of the world". i will hold true to this; i will see to it.

we have never been ones to mozy out of our little county. as locals, we stay pretty much local, even both as children. we escape to the mountains occasionally, which is only a small drive up the road and we've been to the beach a few times. we are defiantly escaping outside of our normal realms this year and getting involved in more things local, and are excited for our 2010 travels. were starting off with several small trips in the spring and heading to the Outerbanks in June; Savannah and NYC with day trips from there to other New England states will end up our year.

to add some fun, we are in search of a VW beetle, retro style, to do some traveling in. i would love to go to our beach destinations in the bug. history: this was my first car. back then, it wasn't "cool" enough; and i never did try to learn how to drive it. (banging head against my desk) as an adult, i realize how incredibly crazy i was. i miss that car.

traveling across the Eastern US, in a cute bug with my love....couldn't get any better.

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