Sunday, January 17, 2010

change of events

its so weird how life changes and things or people that you once couldn't live without, now a safe distance seems only too close. i guess we grow up? if that's what this is. friday night, i had been wanting to go out for several weeks...i wanted to listen to music, be around a crowd. so, all day friday, i was looking forward to the plans we had made. but as the day went on, i started second guessing myself. we backed out once. but decided to go ahead and go......and so we went. and 32 minutes and $14 later, we left. so, here we were, 8:32 on a Friday night....headed back home. how perfectly happy we were to stop for a milkshake and spend the evening cuddled up on the couch. the once loud, exciting, dramatic crowd of others and places, no longer interested us; not even a little. perhaps it didn't when i made the plans...maybe i was still hanging on to a small part of the past instead of realizing that since i had turned 30, my life has been nothing but perfect.

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