Wednesday, January 20, 2010

finding strength

have you ever read nienie?

she is one of my favorite reads. her sweet husband has been updating her blog the past few days, as she has been in the hospital undergoing more skin grafts. i look up to this sweet, sweet girl. although not burnt, i understand her pain, physical and emotional. when i was 6, i was diagnosed with a skin disorder, due to an immune deficiency. i've battled with this my entire life, mostly since being out of high school. the pain at times have been unbearable and the the self esteem issue along with it, are haneous. i've never been as strong as she has; she is such a beautiful person. through her pain, her surgeries, the emotional burden of life never being as it was before, she amazes me. i find strength in her story. im thankful for an amazing husband, who has always been the most loving, supportive, understanding man. im blessed. i pray that i find strength like stephanie.

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  1. She really is inspirational, isn't she? I've been following her story since the crash.


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