Tuesday, November 10, 2009

while i was away

do you watch Ellen?
i love her.
she is beautiful. i love her style.
and she makes me laugh, like "milk out the nose" kind of laugh.
in case she come's across this, thanks Ellen.

being with out my laptop for several, several weeks - made me realize that -
i can not live w/o it.
that is true. ok, maybe that is kind of sad, actually.
but - i am so happy to have it back and am spending time
catching up with everyone.

as i write, we are only 2 weeks shy of Thanksgiving. I cannot wrap my mind around this.
where did this year go? it just doesn't seem possible.
i shall pull out the 'ole new years resolutions list (here and here), && hurry up with what i haven't yet done. am i really the only one who hold's true to these silly resolutions?

i now leave you with a special presentation from my peeps to you.
- here's to getting you in the holiday spirit.

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  1. I love Ellen! I read her book from about 10 years ago or so now and I cried from laughing so hard while reading it. You can just hear her saying it as you're reading it. she's so funny.


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