Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the sun will come out, tomorrow

thanks to another rainy day here in East Tennessee, i have enjoyed much couch time.
and with all these rainy days,
i am feeling so crafty.
thanks goes to the many lovely blogs, which have inspired me.
i have decided on my super crafty project.
i went to our local craft store and purchased what i need to begin, last night.
however; for now - its top-secret though, as it's for someone super special, for Christmas.
i am taking pictures of every step. and cannot wait to share with you.

today, is veteran's day.
so many local events to support our veterans.
this makes me happy and warms my heart.
im thankful for our freedom. & all done to ensure our continued freedom.
& special prayers today, for families with loved ones that are currently overseas.
take a moment today to show your appreciation.

one more little silly thing....
i got a lovely anonymous comment about my grammar.
everything about this blog is random, including my punctuation and capitalization.
enjoy the reads, pictures, etc.
thats what its here for.

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