Saturday, November 14, 2009

morning of smiles

we had our fall pictures made earlier today. i couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.
i got off work a little early last night to frantically find something to wear for our shoot.
three hours at the mall, i left flustered and empty handed.
last minute, i ended up at my favorite store, in which i should've started at to begin with.
old navy - i heart that store way too much.
as for today, i had a perfect hair day.
my outfit was perfect.
my husband looked great.
and he even had my weekend scruffies (read here).
it was so much fun. our photographer was awesome.
it was just a wonderfully-perfect-awesomeful morning.
the last set of professional pics we had made were our wedding pictures, which were in 2001.
it was back in the time when all pictures were so posed, you looked like statues and the poster child for the definition of uncomfortable.
eh, i suppose i am a decade late coming in with the "cool" pictures.
just give me about twelve more days and i can finally share.
this will be a happy day.

hope your having beautiful, fall weather today.

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  1. I can't wait to see them!! And I am definitely not going to have all the "posed" pictures. Some, but not ALL.


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