Friday, November 20, 2009

life is good

life has been good. pretty much really simple, as of late. kind of just full of work and time with family and friends. i was in the grocery store a few weeks back and couldn't believe that Christmas music already filled the aisles. where in the world did this year go? on my way home this afternoon, random houses along the way, already have their Christmas lights up. although beautiful to see, i prefer that everyone wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do all that. it just seems silly and rushed. several months ago, i was at a favorite thrift store and got a huge box full of lots and lots of super cute Christmas ornaments; for $2. major score! this i am excited about and cannot wait to decorate; but i'll give thanks first.

i went to see New Moon last night at midnight, which was the day it premiered. i loved this movie. i loved twilight but i really, really loved this movie. im not a crazed-fanatic, but this love story is beautiful. it was fun to go with a long-time friend. is was fun to stay out late.

one of about 75 we saw in the lot. too funny.

Thanksgiving is this week, and I love it. We live about an hour away from my family and we alternate holidays, meaning if we do Thanksgiving there, we will do Christmas with his family. We still visit everyone on the holidays - buy only short visits if it isn't their year. And although we spent Thanksgiving with my family last year and ideally it should be the in-laws turn this year - i am kind of cheating and doing turkey day with my family, again this year. my work schedule as been cray'zee and i really just want some much needed time home. i should get three days.

last weekend we had a bonfire...probably the last of the season. the beautiful colors have come and gone and much cooler weather is now in place. now, im anxiously awaiting snow.

cold nights. warm fire.

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  1. I wish I could have just a tiny fraction of the money New Moon is pulling in!


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