Sunday, November 22, 2009

loving these lovely things

last night, we had a spur of the moment dinner party. while frantically searching for what i wanted to cook, i had a craving for a unique appetizer, maybe crackers and dip. but, there was nothing. all i could find was dips for chips and humus, but i am not a humus fan. i was about to just settle for a desert when sweet hubbs mentioned the Lipton seasonings used for soups. perfect! so, we found that. on the back, of course a dip for a french onion dip, just add sour cream. eh, why not. its for chips but at least i can make it. looking on the box, there was a note in the corner of the recipe, "for a twist, add a 1/2 cup of your favorite salsa". i was unsure. i like salsa and sour cream on a taco salad, but for a cracker dip? skeptical, i picked out a medium heat picante salsa (we don't like chunky style salsa) and sour cream. once home, i whipped the ingredients together, stuck in the fridge. and oh my gosh; this was one of the best dips i had ever had - delicious! i served with regular wheat thins and wheat thins garden vegetable. the dip was a huge hit. we actually made some more today to enjoy while watching football!

1 pack Lipton Soup Mix - Onion
1 16 oz. tub of Sour Cream
1/2 cup Picante Salsa (the non-chunky style i think is the best to stick with)

Mix. Chill. Serve - enjoy!

so yesterday, day - we went to the mall. i have not been to the mall in forever! i have to admit that i was kind of giddy because of all the Christmas music and decorations. i know i posted yesterday about people not rushing into it and decorating, now - but the malls are different; we have to shop and be prepared. we kind of did the whole "this would be an awesome gift from santa", thing. of course, what tops my list is 1: KitchenAid Stand Mixer (red), 2. Nikon D90 and 3. Cricut. It's always fun to see and play with the toys you want but don't yet have. side note: hopefully santa saw that they were all on sale.

Well, I had a camera, a nice one - prob an equal to the D90; however; (long story short):
went on business trip. stayed at hilton. went out for dinner. came back to hotel room broken into. camera amongst other things, were stolen. company replaced camera with an upgraded version of what i had. i didn't understand it. sold it on ebay. downsized to a sony cybershot. but in trying to now make logic of what a stupid, stupid decision it was to sell that camera, i justify by knowing that my passion for photography wasn't there, as it is now. so, here is to hoping that santa will see i have been a sweet girl this year. i think, er, i hope.

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