Monday, November 23, 2009

o, one more thing

in dropping hints to santa in yesterday's post, i totally forgot to add this cookbook to my list. so mom, er, i mean santa's little helper, perhaps you could click and see what else i would love to have. i have defiantly noticed that as we get older, our Christmas list does get shorter but more expensive. i wanted chocolate diamonds also, but ill put those off for next year's list.

this week is going to be so different for me. i have always worked monday - friday, 8-5. i have always had holidays off. i have always had the days before and after the holiday, off. not this year. this year i work the day before and am on call the day of the upcoming holiday. this really just isn't acceptable to me. i am the main food preparer for the in-laws holiday feast and am a huge helper in my family's get together's. i feel my absence on the preparation activities the day before will cause a major holiday catastrophe. especially at the in-laws. for the past 9 years, I spend at least nine-hours the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, chopping, cutting, mixing, baking, creating, decorating, preparing; I do it all. I can't help but stress over this. i am hoping that out of a workplace of hundreds of people, one person will find the goodness in their heart to switch a shift with me. that would be a wonderful gift of giving, dont'cha think?

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