Friday, September 11, 2009

the unshaved leg

so, here is a story of the unshaved leg.
that i realized had wrote itself, unknowling. well, forgottenling [yes, a word],
when i woke up this morning & sweet hubbs was on the far side of the bed.

it all started last sunday afternoon.
a nice, warm bath had been ran, overflowing with bubbles. soft music playing.
the set up was nice.
i go through the ritual of taking a bath.
shutting the bedroom door,
opening the closet door,
then shutting the bathroom door.
weird, but the bath just somehow feels cozier that way.
so, i undress. get in. aaaah. nice. exspecially after a hot, muggy weekend camping.
i get the shaver. and start my right leg. and just as i finish....the phone rings.
i jerk open the shower curtain. stumble for a towel to dry my i can get the phone.
i answer. its a call ive been waiting for, thus the production to get to it.
i tell them to hold on. i hop out. dry off. slip my robe on. & proceed to talk.
& it was then i proceeded to talk for hours.
hours past bedtime.
hours past the time i needed to finish the other leg.
then came tuesday; work. a busy day. home late. straight to bed.
wednesday came & went; full of errands & house work.
then there was thursday. a long work day. home late. bed.

so the hubbs this morning, informed me it warded off him.
the way we sleep. he kept feeling that leg.

i shower daily. lotion daily.
am i apparently this scatterbrained?

but its now apparent that our love for male face scruffies in no way equals the love for female leg scruffies.
both legs are now even.


  1. I've done the same thing before. I always wonder how it happens that way. And why do men think it's okay for them to be scrubby and not us??? LOL!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. I've done the same thing...I've even gone so far as to make shaving my legs a "self sacrifice" on occasion.

    Dropping by from SITS to say Good Morning!


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