Monday, January 19, 2009

so, we found out that there was nothing the dr's could do for jamie's cousin after all. he will be soon be taken of life-support; and it should be quick. i think i know how self inflicted accidents end, eternally and all, but i pray that i may be wrong. i pray hard.

well, i found out that one of my bestest friends is having a baby. im so excited! ive never got to experience a pregnancy with a close friend before. im so super duper excited.

school is only weeks away. i cant wait for it to get here!

its snowing outside. our first snow of the year. its beautiful. i think i wanna build a snowman. i might just do that.

im almost finished with the 3rd book of the twilight saga. i believe, so far, new moon was my favorite. the movie was a let down. although im glad i can put faces with the characters, it was totally a waste of $9.

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