Monday, January 12, 2009

several updates

the new year has defiantly been a busy one. a tragic one, really. we lost one of my best friend's mother on the 9th, after a 36 day stay in the hospital. shirley was such a beautiful lady. her heart, so big. she made the best biscuits and bacon and orange kool-aid, ever! she would often send biscuits and bacon in a zip lock bag with becca for me, back in school. if not, she would have some saved for after school. she raised 3 beautiful daughters. loving daughters. im blessed to have shared my life with her youngest, becca, for the last 15 years.

on the same night, jamie's cousin, younger by only a few weeks, was tragically injured, self imposed. lifted by lifestar, the doctors could provide nothing to save his life. they moved him to critical care/trauma unit and kept him on ICU, until family could arrive. the next day, miraculously, he responded to some neurological tests, he shouldnt have been able to respond to. after a 2nd catscan, the doctors discovered that they were going to be able to do emergency surgery. as of now, he is in a chemical coma until swelling in the brain subsides. until that point, and until the point he is unsedated, we will not know the extent of damage or paralysis. so far, it looks as though he has been given a second chance at life. please keep praying for him.

on dec. 31, i was accepted into the nursing assistant program at blount memorial. upon completion of the 6-week course, i would enter into a 2 year contract with the hospital. i was scheduled to complete paperwork on jan. 7, however; that morning, received a phone call saying due to the economy, it would not be in the best interest of the hospital to continue with this class, scheduled for march. i was so super sad. so, i have successfully registered and paid tuition for the nursing assistant classes in knoxville, starting feb. 5.

i'll start back classes for my RN starting in May. i will be taking 4 classes during the summer. which are fast track. which is awesome. which will leave me 7 pre-req courses; 3 in the fall. 3 in spring '10, 1 summer '10. sounds like a breeze, kind of. after that, ill start my concentration courses. im so excited. nervous. & kicking myself in the ass all the while; wondering why did i wait til im 29 to start all this? if i could turn back time.....

with the poor economy, sales have been slow for jamie. but we are doing ok. no new shoes or purses for me, as of late. [which sucks] im anxiously awaiting winter weather this week. i get to spend time with an old friend this weekend. her husband found out his cancer is back, so please pray for him. o, and jamie gave dusty dogg a hair cut. poor, poor, dog.

guess that's an update for now.

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