Wednesday, January 21, 2009

about me

 i was transplanted to a little farm at the base of the foothills of the great smoky mountains, 
over 8 years ago. 

aaah, i love the country. 
im from a smaller town, but it was all city. 
he is from the base of the mountains. 
so my country boy.
i had my reservations at first;
but 10 years later, i'm still loving it.

we were married in april 2001 ♥
i have the best husband. 

this is our second camping trip of the year.
im total girl, but don't mind trading
in the make-up & shoes for
a perfect weekend outdoors.
take a look, read this

we have one doggie, the best in the world

dusty camping 2009

i have recently discovered my crafty side. 
sewing. knitting. baking.
i guess just making stuff.
i have alot of classes planned to take 
over the next little bit. 
im super excited.

i love to shop. exercise. blog.
travel. cook. talk. 
& i love photography. 
i hope to get really good at it, someday.

my family is my world.
as is Jesus Christ.
although life isn't always perfect,
we are beyond blessed.
& this is my life in blog.

follow our journey as we are "waiting on parenthood @

infertility. trying to conceive. weight loss. PCOS. 

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