Friday, January 23, 2009

snow, new york, this & that

so, the snow is melting. gone. bye-bye. im sad. i loved it. i still have my fingers crossed for a blizzard, though. im not giving up hope. im positive. im positive that we will be snowed in for a week. living on kerosene heaters. food in garbage bags, packed out in the snow. cooking over the fire. playing games til dark. then living only by candle light and the reflection of the kerosene heater. aaah. come little snow...come!

so our girls trip has been set for september. NYC. ive wanted to go always. so much that at one time, some may remember, i wanted to move there. but, i decided that mountains and trees are priceless. and i wouldnt trade it in for the starbucks-bagels-street side flowers-taxi-tourist thing that once attracted me. aaah. downtown manhatan. see ya in 8 more months! i cannot wait!

the past week or so has been pretty slow. not many events, other than our little snow. mom came up today. we shopped. going out with some of the girls tonite, for dinner. then tomorrow, PJ party & chick flick night. how i havent been to one of those since, high school! let's see...what else. reconnected with several old friends on facebook in which im super happy about. my hubby wasnt as onry this week. [he he] & o, one of my bffs, the one that is expecting...her first dr. appt is today.

until next time...think snow; & lots of it!

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