Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so while im writing, im listening to the tv my dad is glued to. the soft, sweet conversation my mom and i are having. and i feel the coldness as it has once again, consumed my feet and hands. poor little things. they seem to be cold, always. in my defense, i do cover with cute socks and soft blankets.

well...we have found our new vehicle. it was love at first sight. well, after an long, intensive search. i should have it on saturday, if delivered on time.
i love a new vehicle. my last new vehicle was my altima, we bought new in '02.

im excited. about a new product!
a new something i found today, while scrolling through this months Glamour....
they are art pens, by sally hansen.
they are super cute.
they will be a spring, must have!

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  1. congrats on the new car!! those nail pens look really cool. :)


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