Monday, January 26, 2009

happy monday!

after our fun dinner friday night at stir-fry, our slumber party was wonderful. old picture. pizza. chick flicks. laughter into the wee hours. we decided that monthly indeed we will get together for a PJ party. its the close times with friends that we all need. im thankful for my super close group of girls....chris, becca, kris, lisa, kendra. i love you. =)

our year has started off fairly decent. the economy has been ruff, as we all know, which result in slow sales for the hubby. we've had a few car problems, the good ole' jeep is showing some age marks. sniff. sniff. i love that jeep. but its getting to the point that its not worth the money to continue making it "feel better". i think we've decided to start looking for a new one. ive sure enjoyed having no car payments for the last few months. but excited about a new vehicle. this is bitter sweet.

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