Friday, January 2, 2009

new year. new beginnings. new friendships.

so, happy new year! i had an awesome new years eve. to many details to list but it was good, good times. thanks to all my peeps for coming.

this year has started off awesome. i got notified on 12/31 that i have been accepted into the nursing program at our local hospital. i dont remember the last time i was so happy. its been a while. i start training for the nursing assistant this month and will enter into a 2-year contract with the hospital, upon completion of the 6-week training. then, in april, i will start working toward my RN, in which I will graduate in July 2010.

since 12/5, ive lost a little over 10 lbs. with the holidays i stumbled a bit but am back on track to a skinnier me. i could def tell id lost in the pics from the party. im so happy. it feels great to be slowly gaining the self esteem i had lost along the way, over the past few years.

im excited to go back to work. im such a social person i miss the social interaction. i miss making new friends. i miss having the working relationships with others. & the bonds that came about, after you spend 40+ hours a week with them. im excited about work. & im excited about making new, adventurous, committed, normal, life-long friendships. & last, im so excited about my new career. helping others. loving what i do. caring for those that will be depending on me. i miss having a goal in life.

yes, im probably the most excited person ever to be going to work.

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