Friday, December 26, 2008

friends. close friends. best friends. soulmates.

i have the most genuine. true. accepting. caring. loving. trusting friends, one could ever have.

this year brought so much. good times. laughs. strong, unbreakable bonds. memories i will never forget.

it brought lessons learned. a friendship that isnt always so perfect; but in the end, always mends and goes another round; is a friendship meant to be. sometimes perfection takes a few tries. but when you love someone, its worth the effort to keep working until you get it right. i know the mistakes i made in that certain friendship. and through many trials and errors, i know what it takes to get it right this time around.

ever heard the saying, "if it sounds to good to be true, then it is?". what a lesson this was to learn. when you hear and see so many "red flags" but choose to ignore them, they will eventually become "un-ignorable". to think i was fooled by the "o so perfect words spoken at the o so perfect times", my stomach rumbles. the hypocrisy. the lies. the holier-than-thou. is anyone really this perfect? just call me little red riding hood because i was defiantly fooled by this wolf in disguise. although i will remain civil to this person, being well aware of who this person really is will now always provide for an air of caution.

as for my other friends. my close friends. my best friends. my soul mates. the seven people who i am so grateful to be a part of the bond that we all share together; i love you dearly. i cannot wait to see where the new year brings us. thanks for all the wonderful times this year. and to those this applies, the years past. were like fine wine....we get better in time. we better be, since we drink enough of it. xoxo

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