Saturday, January 3, 2009

kind of all over the place

so lately ive discovered that inmaturity is very annoying. is this part of turning 30? im fine with it. just working on how to deal with it and not be grumpy in the process. also other peoples drama, what i used to love to hear about....nothing like a juicy story, right? not so much anymore. it annoys me also. yes, nosey nikki doesnt want to be quite so nosey anymore. im still finding this new part of myself and how to successfully cope.

i got some kick ass sunglasses today on major clearance at TJ Max. im anxiously awaiting now for a day of sunshine so i can wear them. my most favorite pair ever, ever...was lost before i went to kentucky this fall. but i think i like these even better.

i went shopping for scrubs today. super cute. as equally excited as i am to start school & my new career, im just as excited to wear scrubs. be it may that im a dork, but they are cute. we went to a uniform place in town. i found the cutest blood pressure and stethoscope combo set online the other day. i continue studying for the first exam. i cant believe how much i forgot since i graduated. but its slowly coming back. i still have a few weeks. im thankful i have such a brilliant husband. he knows everything. he really helped me alot. so thank you sweet, brilliant hubby.

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