Thursday, December 4, 2008

Infertility: Waiting on Baby

After 2 years of dating, Jay & I married in 2001. We knew we wanted children and started trying right away. By 2005, there were no babies. I made our first appointment with a local Fertility Specialist in the spring of 2005. Jay kindly donated a sperm sample and I went through a lovely physical exam. It was confirmed that I had Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS) and I was placed on Metformin. I was also given Provera to induce a cycle as well as Clomid, to start on cycle day 4. A few days passed and we received a call stating Jay's sperm count was negative; confused, I stopped Provera. Thinking the results were incorrect, we requested to be tested again through our PCP. Sadly, the test results came back the same. 

Jay was devastated; I was confused. This is where our journey began. The next few years we became foster parents to several precious children. During this time, I had the opportunity to stay at home with the children and 

The option that mostly interested me was the sperm exploratory retrieval surgery, for Jay. The goal would be to retrieve a few sperm then proceed with IVF. However, this procedure in addition to the In-Vitro, was insanely expensive; neither of which our insurance covered. Our next area of interest was embryo adoption. This was more so the outlet I wanted to purse, as both the egg and sperm would be adopted. The third option was sperm adoption and Inter-uterine Insemination (IUI). Jay, at this point - was more interested in this option, as my eggs would be used; this was totally his decision. 

After much prayer, we were led to start to officially start our journey.  

July 21, 2009:
Our first appointment was scheduled with a different Fertility Specialist than we first saw in 2005. It was confirmed that with a sperm count of zero, exploratory surgery wouldn't even be considered. Fortunately, we had earlier decided the direction we wanted to pursue and had identified the perfect donor. My Metformin was increased and I was to start Femara on cycle days 3-7. 
July 25, 2009:
Cycle day 1
July 27, 2009:
Started Femara thru Cycle day 7.
August 13, 2009:
Cycle day 16 ultrasound - 2 follies, 14 & 16
Trigger Shot in evening
August 16, 2009:
Our first IUI
September 2, 2009:
Beta - Negative
Started new cycle early AM.

Our second cycle was to begin in September, however an uncooperative work schedule interrupted the cycle day 16 ultrasound; so this month was not successful. At this time, we decided to wait until after the holidays and start again after the new year. 

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