Wednesday, December 3, 2008

baby its cold outside.....

but im loving it!!!!!!

im back home from kingston. ill return next week. mom & dad got the rest of their furniture today. which included their absolutely gorgeous bedroom suite. omgoodness; its breath taking. everything is breathtaking about that house. i cant wait for everyone to come to the open house; date to be determined. tonight is their first official night back home. i left around 7:00; they've been out for 6 months. this was a long, awaited day. i thought it best they be there alone, on their first night home.

im really worried about my dad. he goes for a catscan in the next few days, were awating on the appointment. please say prayers for him.

i cannot wait for all our social events coming up this month. i love when everyone gets together. i know we have got to make it to dollywood super soon, for the Christmas lights. normally cold dont bother me, but this year....i seem to be cold at all times. thank you retail america, for selling fuzzy & furry house shoes! i cannot live with out.

i want these! worn by solange knowles

im ready to re-do my kitchen. before mom & dad's house burnt, we had our kitchens decorated in italy. mine, is still in italy. but it makes me sad =( i recently got a red microwave. she bought me a red can opener. im asking for red dishes for Christmas, along with red kitchenaid cooking stuff. i love the silicone cookware. im not sure what theme yet...maybe a cafe theme? or a coffee shop them? i found a cool starbucks clock on ebay, i love. i dont really care for the fat chef stuff? ill have to continue my research. surprisingly so, during the research for decor for moms new kitchen...there wasnt alot of kitchen themes out there to choose from. any cute ideas, that incorporates red kitchen electronics and dishes; let me know. im open for suggestions.

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