Thursday, December 4, 2008

i love....peaches!

the hubby & i went to pick up a friend's husband early, early this morning, from the knoxville greyhound station, on a surprise 10 day leave. he's been in training with the Army, since June. it was so awesome. after a 20 hour long, and now noted, very boring bus ride, we were met with a huge smile and happy to be home, hugs. the homecoming to his family was awesome. our surprise plan was sucessful.

today was a cold, rainy day. oddly, i love days like this. we rented a movie, just hung out. my dr's appointment today, went great. im so excited! i have a three week check-up, the week of Christmas. im nervous about this all. however; im sure far more excited. my original date was this monday, but i got lucky that my appointment got pushed forward, til today. i do have to go in monday for follow up blood work. i am tired. i hope i have a great, easy nights rest.

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