Thursday, November 27, 2008

a wonderful thanksgiving week

i've been so busy the past few days; but it's been a wonderful holiday week. first, we got news that my parent's can move in monday, dec. 1st. exstatic doesn't touch how we feel! yesterday, i did my annual day before thanksgiving cooking at the n-laws. i always have so much fun and i seriously think im martha stewart; cause im just that good! today, was thanksgiving day. it's always tough for us as our families live 45 minutes apart; so it stretches us to get everywhere we need to go, when we need to be there. we spent thanksgiving this year in kingston. this afternoon; we started moving stuff into the house; that we've bought over the past few months...which had been stored in daddy's detached garage. the house is absolutely beautiful. i walked in and cried. im so happy. furniture will be delivered tuesday and wednesday of next week. wendesday will be their first full night there.

since its thanksgiving, i will reflect on a few things i am thankful for, this holiday season. to top the thankful that i have the Lord as my personal savior. without him, none of what we have would be possible. next, i am thankful for having the most caring, sincere, loving, sweet & cuddly husband. i am thankful for having such wonderful parents who raised me with strong morals and values. parents who are forgiving. loving. who, ensure everyday, that we are taken care of. i am thankful for my in-laws; i am so lucky. i am thankful for our health. and i am thankful for my close circle of friends. ive never felt so loved or cared for. o, and im thankful for my dustee dog; he is non judgemental and always makes me smile, when i need too.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. i hope all got to spend with their family. reflect on memories. and got to eat lots of turkey & pumpkin pie. god bless, my friends.

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