Monday, November 24, 2008

my night ROCKED!

if you havent been on the front row of a concert; you've not experienced, what i now know, a concert should be like. it is such a surreal, totally freakin, out of this world, awesome experience!randomly tonight, kris & i decided to go to the J├Ągermeister tour in knoxville, featuring rev theory, trapt & hinder. we went with one of our good friends, Jason. all the bands were great; well Trapt was a bit boring. Hinder was awesome! my fav was Rev Theory. they straight up worked the crowd! their music rocked! the lead singer, Rick, is like the definition of freakin delicious! =) i got alot of serious eye contact during the show. aah. yum! he even pointed at me and sang to me a small section of a verse. i melted. aaah. i walked away with a guitar pick from hinder's lead guitarist, the water bottle from the lead singer of hinder and the song list from off the stage for hinder! i did touch rick's hand when i got a CD; he smiled at me. i melted again. haha! yes. consider me a a star struck dorkwad. i told hubby i would get him tickets, front row at mariah carey; so we'd be even. we had a blast! i cant wait to see rev theory again. hinder, definatly! being right up front is total euphoria; this was def the best one ive ever been too! roCk on!

kris & i waiting outside the Valarium

Rick; lead singer to Rev Theory.


there he is again; i so touched him!

ok, one more.

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