Saturday, November 22, 2008

cold, cold weekend.

burrrr! it was officially 15 degrees last night. im loving it! im hoping for a big snow this winter. several, would be just great! well, hubby has been trying to come down with something now for the last few nights. maybe a cold? perhaps the flu? i hope i dont get it. i usually get sick around this time of year; maybe ill be the lucky one this time. my weekend has been good thus far. last night [friday] i hit a local bar & grill with a couple of friends. it had a small, but livley crowd. cold, sucky nachos. and a rather good local group playing some southern rock. it was nice to get out and stay local. chill. and enjoy some fun company. today we had a bday party at chuck e. cheese's for dylan, krystle's son. he turned 5. my bro dropped off my 5 nieces & nephews; which was great! i couldnt work at a place like chuck e. cheese's. i think i would go insane. rude parents. hundreds of kids. no thanks! we got out of there around 5:30ish? went for ice cream @ sonic. and rode through the Christmas wonderland light show at Shadrack's in Knoxville. [thanks becca for the tickets =] the kids loved it. we met back up with my bro & sis-nlaw; made a quick visit with the n-laws. now, im listening to above said sick hubby, snore, as he lies here on the couch beside me. poor thing.

the birthday boy - dylan, kris & ethan!

my girls, kris & kendra

my niece rachel & nephew caleb, enjoying cupcakes with dylan!

my baby niece, mary bea having fun at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Winter Wonderland Drive-Thru Light Show. Music played along with the lights; it was awesome!

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