Friday, November 28, 2008

day after thanksgiving.....

i forgot to add, yesterday...that i am thankful for not having car payments. as bad as i want a new, new vehicle; and those who know me who know i get a new vehicle every 2-3 years; we finally paid off 2 vehicles. no car payment; it seriously rocks!

today we got so much done at mom & dads. im so excited. ive teased them all day about moving in upstairs; mom, is for it. dad, not quite so. im in my "i wanna move back to kingston" phase. but they assure me nothing is here for us to move back too. i assure them, they are. i love maryville. for now, we will stay.

you know you have the greatest friends when your 45 minutes away, and they beg for you too come home, ASAP. when they genuinally miss you..and you've only been gone, not quite 2 days. i love my girls and guys. they are the greatest.

when J and I went to lay down last night, here at the condo; we layed in there forever and just talked. it was so nice. he is such a good husband. i love him so much. more & more each day, for sure. im thinking tomorrow, i am going to go and raid the family for left over turkey; i apparantly didn't get enuf yesterday.

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