Saturday, November 29, 2008

and another week ends

to start off with; rants. first, i didnt get turkey today. second, i didnt bring clothes to dress for this cold weather we've had. so, im hungry and freezing. kidding. i have been cold all day but mom & dad ensure we are fed good; so no chance of being hungry. im sure though that i could live off my own body fat, for a good....well, long time. remember, december 8th. weight loss procedure. im excited! uber, excited!!

we were super busy again today moving into this beautiful new house of my parents. aaah, im so excited. their kitchen, is my dream kitchen. dad's home entertainment system, to die for. its gorgeous. i loved the other house. its as gorgeous as the other house. i miss the other house. this house does, feel different to me. it feels more "home'y"? and i dont know why. perhaps the set-up? perhaps because i was so involved in the rebuild? perhaps the reason it had to be built? i just love it. and im so thankful that the past 6 months went so smoothly. seriously, it went with no problems. no roadblocks. no issues. im so happy mom and dad are in the last few days, before they return home.

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