Monday, December 1, 2008

monday, monday

yesterday, we got closure on something that we have been burdened with for going on 8 months now. although our hearts are still sad and feelings still involved; getting the opportunity to say what we needed to say, to the person we needed to say it too was what we needed. thank you good Lord, for letting us all be at the same place at the same time.

we got home yesterday to spend a few days here before we head back too kingston. i was sitting here last night, doing some online shopping and i realized that i hadnt thought once about putting up my tree, getting my decor out, hanging lights outside. normally, this is done the weekend after thanksgiving. i need to get with it. i guess being at mom & dads and excited about getting their house ready to move into and decoration there for Christmas; my priorities haven't been here. 2 more nights...then they move in. again, have i mentioned im super, duper, uber excited?

i watched the UT Football press conference earlier. im pumped!! his eagerness for the game. his new staff. the players. the UTK football program. im almost so excited i want to invest in season tickets for next year. good things await, im sure. i hope we hit it off right next season. time will tell. i will note i will miss phil. he was UT football. to note, i will follow the team phil goes too, if he does.

now, my fav band rev theory; are Hot! awesome! they totally rock! have u listened to them yet? if not,

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