Sunday, November 16, 2008

two thumbs down! two thumbs up!

i love the family i married into. i, am lucky. love 'em. now, to describe them.....they are very, hmmm, let's say, country. being in this family, for 10 years, ive been offered some pretty interesting cuisine. dishes to include bear, possom, coon, and snake. never, did i try. until today. as part of our bryant family thanksgiving dinner, our 'you can always count on him to have fresh catch' uncle; had prepared a nice dish of bear roast and green beans. i guess since kris tried sushi and fish eggs on friday, i felt brave to try this funky dish today. it, indeed, tasted like roast beef, kind of, well, maybe not really? i guess knowing what it really was...was nauseating to me. and i cant recommend it to you. i can however, recommend a nice, baked turkey stuff with oranges and celery. now that's some good eatin'.

poor bear

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