Saturday, November 15, 2008

rainy day

well, following a wonderful night out last night for my belated birthday dinner, with, i must add - the best group of girls that a girl could sitting here on my bed, in the spare room, with a friend who's day hasnt been the best. ive never had to walk away from a relationship; one that mattered anyways, but that is what she is faced with. a relationship that transplanted her here from her family, her home. a relationship that her son has known for years. my heart is breaking for her. i feel helpless. offering my home, my friendship; only seems minimal. i dont know how to help mend a broken heart. i dont even know where to begin. i know where my heart stands, and with all her other friends, of what, in our opinions, are best for her....however, who are we, really, to offer advice? she believes what we do, however; her heart is pulling her in a different direction. actually, her heart is all over the place. i just hope that i can be the amazing friend to her, that she has been to me.

krystle, me, lisa & becca; my 29th bday dinner

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