Thursday, November 13, 2008

once upon a time....

in a city close by, there were 6 employees. these 6 employees had the same initative; test water and sale the company's products. all the little employees went eagerly out into the field, each accomplish thier tasks at hand. some would sale. someone wouldnt. some sold for days in a row. some here and there. but no matter who sold....there was always one little, bitty precious employee who got constant recognition broadcasted all over the 6 employee's little cell phones. but it only happened when this one little employee sold. no one else got recognition; never. no matter if they sold for days in a row....only when the little perfect employee sold. always....

now, come and flip me in the nose if im wrong; but shouldnt all employees get recognition for accomplishing the same tasks? for reaching the same goals? why does no one else get "congrats" sent out via text messaging every time they sale, to everyone on the sales team? this one employee does, ALWAYS! there is always a "great job john" message that goes out. im not mad about it. but it does make me feel bad for the hubby and his friends he works with. my hubby has been there for 2 years; received top sales awards...most sales awards. same as others who work there; and this new guy starts, like 4 months or so ago...and not sure what is up with this guy, but he gets like constant recognition. *sigh* its just not fair. my hubby thinks its no big deal. and although it probably really still makes me sad for him.

ok. just had to vent. its too late to call my girls. lol

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