Thursday, November 13, 2008

dear santa...

well, it's that time again. apparantly, so much so for my neighbors a few houses down; they already put up their Christmas lights. i dont quite understand that but i assume they enjoy the holiday so much, they want to get a head start. personally, i put my tree and decor up, the first week of december. that's when i really get into the holiday spirit. i like to enjoy Thanksgiving and the fall; reflect on all im thankful for, spend time with my wonderful family...then comes winter and Christmas. this Christmas, im asking for new kithchen stuff...KitchenAid & Pampered Chef stuff. I love cooking; and want to tackle new recipes this coming nice new cooking stuff is needed. well, not needed, just wanted. =)~ id love to be able to learn to decorate cakes/pastries. for something funny; check out the blog to the right --> cake wrecks. love this blog.

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