Wednesday, November 12, 2008

please hold....

i hate getting the runaround.........

when i call somewhere wanting something...i want to speak to 'one' somebody for an answer. im doing some research currently on some issues with foster care. you would not believe how many times i get told, "i need to transfer you to another department/someone else". to me, that translates into "im a lazy bum and am surfing the internet, so i am going to give you to someone else because cause you are interupting me." so annoying. when im at work, never do i do that. if i get a call, even if it's not in my area of expertise or even out of my departments reach; i will take a name & number, research and call them back; always with an answer or the exact somebody that can help them, the exact somebody that they intended to get when they called. isn't that what customer service is? or maybe i was just raised different. whatever the reason, its total annoyance.

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  1. I feel your pain! I recently tried to sort out a major problem with my bank account from abroad- the guy I was talking to took my number, promising to call back in 5 minutes after he'd 'called another department to confirm' - 30 minutes later I called back, only to be told that the guy who was'dealing' with my problem had left for the day 25 minutes ago!!

    A complete lack of consideration combined with laziness does not make for good customer service!


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