Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cool, comfy, fall day

aaah. fall. yup, you guessed it, i love it! and i love days like these. although i wished i could make it down to kingston before thursday, i spent the day with the hubby and my wonderful inlaws. i need to take pics of where they live and post to share. the landscape of the mountains that surround their property, is breathtaking; the fall colors here are gorgeous. i hope this weekend to take a ride up the parkway or through cades cove. i love cades cove, but not when there are alot of out of towners; they think deer are the greatest and it takes hours to go 11 miles. blah!

dates are coming together for mom and dad to move back in. i am sooo excited! so happy! so thankful! im so glad they are going to be back home, in just a matter of days. by the 1st, to be exact. i'll share pics soon.

well, im gonna go make me a yummy cup of joe =) pumpkin spice, mmmmm.

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