Monday, November 17, 2008

so sweet

a few days ago, i wrote that i had a friend here for the weekend; who was going through major personal crisis. i was nervous the whole weekend. was i saying the right things? was i really being a good shoulder to cry on? the whole weekend she constantly assured and reassured how much she appreciated that we had been there for her, and gave her and her son a safe place to come. i slept in this morning; as we had both pulled long hours this weekend. when i got up, i stubbled through this house; and realized she had decided to go on into work and take her son to pre-school. the beds were made. the house filled with silence. i piddled around and did a few things. on my, i guess, 3rd trip to the main guest bathroom; something caught my attention, out of the corner of my eye, made out of love and bathtub crayons. now, just how sweet it this?

thank you friend and crayola crayons

"Nik and Jay We want to thank you so so much
for everything! We appreciate it more than we
could ever show! We love you Both"

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