Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tuesday afternoon ramblings

well, i cooked an amazing cajun 7 bean soup last night. maybe its actually soup beans and not really a soup; but whatever it is, it turned out delish! i cant wait til the hubby gets home from
work and we can enjoy! speaking of the hubby; he had a full day of appointments today. i miss him when he is away. sales have been slower but steady. my job search is still going. im thankful we are doing ok. working in the field i do, i know that with the economy the way things are; people aren't leaving jobs as there aren't any "bigger and better" opportunities out there right now. so, it'll probably be the end of January; when new budgets start coming out for corporate america. i know for Christmas this year, we are keeping it simple. we have each other. a nice home. vehicles. our health. family. and friends; so there really isnt anything more we need. mom and dads house is so super close to being finished. floors finishing up this week. phone, security and cable; as well. we can start moving in stuff next week. im so excited; i catch myself thinking that im as excited as they are; but im sure not quite so. so the next few weeks will be super busy, but in a definant good way.

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