Monday, December 3, 2007

upset stomach, turkey, hannah montana & a runny nose

if sung to the tune of the "pepto bismol" jingle, one could chuckle. =)

ok. well the week before thanksgiving was rather yucky. i got my seasonal respitory junk and was down for like over a week and a half. i had it bad this year. my cough was just horrible. and as for a runny totally amazes me how much snot one can produce. its simply a mystery. so thanksgiving week was wonderful, except, i kind of passed my congestion onto sweet hubby. he had it a bit worse than i did, i think - but it was over with in 3 days. my immune system isnt as strong as his and so im pitiful longer.

the saturday after turkey day, i woke up and had a stomach bug. actually - 5-6 peeps in my family had the stomach bug that weekend. and although nothing would stay down and i was completly misserable; the hannah montana w/ the jonas brothers concert prevailed. i went with my 12 yo niece. it was hilarious. after the concert - i wandered really if i acted that way before, during, and after the NKOTB concert. im sure i did. i made it thru w/o a headache and my hearing was still in tact. she had the time of her life. i was so glad she wanted me, the cool aunt, to take her! =)

nick jonas

nick jonas/ hannah montanta

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