Monday, December 3, 2007

a stroll down memory lane

i was getting down my christmas decor a few days ago, when i came across a clear, smaller sized, blue rubbermaid box. the size of a cereal box. its contents had escaped i rush to my room. shut the door. and sit on my bed. i knew it was something from my past. my childhood, past. i opened up slowly; yet anxiously....and it was cassette tapes. cassette tapes from my teenage years. tapes of songs i'd sing with my family in church. some of recordings of the radio. but several of tapes i had recorded of myself singing karaoke. i got so excited. i rushed out of my room into the kids room; looking for a tape player. i found one....the batteries were dead. i found another one...batteries dead. plug in cord couldn't be found. by now - 15-20 minutes had passed. i had tried everything. taking the batteries out, switching their hopes that it would find enough charge to play the tapes. no luck. i knew there was a 3rd tape player the kids had. but they didnt have it. they couldn't find it. i was getting frustrated. the evening continued...i had put the tapes back up in the closet. i proceeded to do clean. get out decor. do laundry....and aah haa...there was the 3rd tape player...sitting in the laundry closet. so again, i rushed to get the tapes. got the tape player. and sat down at the island in the kitchen.......within moments, i swear it felt like I had drifted away. seriously. it got so quiet - except for the sound of the music on the tape. the music was when i was 15 or 16. singing away. tears began to stroll down my face. i couldn't move. it was seriously the wierdest thing i had ever experienced. i was lost for 20 or 30 minutes. just listening to me. me back when life was so simple. back when i lived at home. with my mom, dad and brother. back when i had to worries, except for what to wear the next day at school, if my crush caught me staring or what we were going to do friday life was so simple. so amazingly wonderful. so innocent. after i came back to reality...i called my mom. and let her listen to the tapes; how she remembered the hours and hours i spent singing in my room. i was going to be the next mariah carey, ya know!

if i knew then - what i know things would've been different. first of all, i would've made so much more out of growing up in the 80s. how cool is that. i would've stayed focused on my music. and i would've stayed more simple. i was so simple. now, im so high maintenance, i exaust myself.

anywho, it was such a great memory. im so glad i found those old tapes. im so glad i got to take a stroll down memory lane.

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