Sunday, November 18, 2007

sniffles & kids

well, i have had a pretty yucky week. i started getting the sniffles and the sneezies last saturday and it just ended up kicking my butt this week. i still have a pretty yucky cough - but for the most part; am feeling a lot better [compared to sunday-friday].

not much really to write about this week. t-bug joined brownies [girl scouts]; which meets every 2 weeks on thursday. i thought this would give her opportunities to make some friends, outside her all boys class at school. she has a ceremony tomorrow...ive got a bet going with sweet hubby on how many times she will turn around and look at us during the program...i should walk away with about 25 bucks. =) they have several lock-ins planned; some trips - it should be good for her. she will be in the christmas parade this year...first time ever. she is excited. i called on her cheerleading, as i haven't heard anything since sign-ups. they said they are still putting the names in the computer as their turn out was huge; that i should hear something by the first week in january in regards to what squad she is on. the first game is i think january 8. thier practice is suppose to start the 2nd week in december, so we shall see. i am really excited about the cheerleading, as is she.

i met Con's- mom the first time this past thursday for a visit. she looks totally different than what i imagined and alot older than she is. i guess that's what happens when ur life is filled with drugs. she has supposivley been drug free since march of this year; her drug tests are [suppose] to be random, but are always done either the day before or on a visit...i guess if i was a druggie and knew when i was going to be tested, id be clean too. she was nice. had a nervous nature. picked at her food wierd. and did this weird thing with her mouth. wednesday night, i got a call late, from DCS...saying that she had very seriously talked about surrending her parental rights for he is in a good place. is happy. and doing well....and she doesnt want to take him out of that. so during the visit, she asked me alot of personal questions....if jamie and i were happy and loved each other. do we love connor. what church do we go to. etc...i happily answered. i think she is serious. it could happen as soon as 11/29, which is the court date for the kids. the father will be the next issue.

we have Con's brother here with us tonight. this is the first time i've ever met him. he is 8. he looks nothing like Con. and is nothing like Con. he is very whiney. [i fixed corn dogs for dinner. he wanted steak. therefore he didnt eat.] ummm, consistently tried to get Con in trouble. broke his toys. i wanted a sleep over to meet him and so Con could get a one on one visit; but i don't think i'm going to do it again. he doesn't need to bring Con down. it's complicated; unless u know the history there - it probably doesnt make since.

well, off to bed. church tomorrow. ceremony tomorrow. and one day away until little man starts back to pre-kindergarten. =) at last. at time at last =)

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