Wednesday, November 14, 2007

progress made

well, good news to report. i made it to church sunday. it was the dedication service to the all newly remodeled church i grew up in. it is beautiful! i was so excited to see it - my parents put their all in helping see that it happened. i think the make over started in march or april of this year; so months of months of anticipation finally concluded; it's just so beautiful! now, i do need to make a side note...although i did go to church; between my kids and my baby cousin in the pew in front of us, [and my wandering eyes to see who was there] i didn't really get to listen to much of the service. the message was short and the dedication service longer; but i did go and i was uplifted by being there. can't wait to go back to my church - this sunday! the cool weather is arriving in east tennessee; im phening really, really bad to go clothes shopping. this is my absolute fav time of the year! coats, scarfs, boots, sweaters - yea, baby! so - this next week or so; [after our monthly financials are met] i hope to venture out and do a little retail therapy. i still haven't been to the new old navy up here yet- so i plan on hitting it first thing! the ross's here still hasn't opened yet; which i guess is a good thing, cause sales have been slow with the hubby lately - and i've had no extra mula to shop. point being, ross's is very dangerous. LOL

well - i found a new website. its got all these petitions going around america. i find it amusing so im gonna go browse around. hugs.

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