Friday, October 26, 2007

i had a lunch date

ok, i got out of the house yesterday...went to lunch with a friend. ok, seriously - that was my social event of the last 3 months. ha! it was great; really helped the slump i'm in. got another lunch with another friend on, im making progress. i realize, one of those things that you don't want to realize, but ya do anyways.....that i think alot of the decline in my social status as been my fault - maybe i do make too many excuses on why i shouldn't leave the house. well crisis adverted; there shall be no more excuses! my social life will prevail.

on a lighter note - i saw they are making a sequel to Sex in the City - the wedding! i did not know this and am way excited....ive got to get the box sets and re-watch them all. oooh, i love that show and am one that hated to see the finale. this weekend we are doing respit for my in-law's 2 foster children, 4 & i'll be rather busy. not sure if im really up for it or not - so today i'm going to totally chillax until they get here at 500. well, that's it for now.

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