Wednesday, October 24, 2007

friendly advice always helps

ok, after my blog yesterday, a very close, wonderful and up-front friend - told me what i needed to hear to kick these blues i've been having. everything she said was perfect and couldn't have been said at a much better time! we both agreed that ive been on the pitiful potty to long now - and need to get off the pot [aka - out of this blah slump] and pull my big girl britches from the drawer. she reminded me of how long we have wanted to be parents. how excited we were to have completed our classes and how anxiously we waited our first placement. she cleared things up on the bad friend part; just because i cant go and do as i used to with everyone, anymore - does not make me a bad friend - - it would make them a bad friend for not understanding...which they all do; its i who feels guilty and like ive abandoned them. anywho, after our little chat last night; i'm happy to have been thrown a rope and pulled up out of this poor is me hole i've been in for the past month or so! i am very happy with my life. love my kids to death. am surrounded by wonderful friends. am healthy & happy- so no more tears, uuugh, what have i been thinking?! so next time...on too a happier note!

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