Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm singing in the rain!

As I type, the rain continues to fall. This is now day 3 of cold and rainy weather. I don't mind so much. Actually, I've embraced the time and accomplished some extensive cleaning and organizing. Work has settled down from the start of the new Fiscal year so stress levels all around have simmered. It's not often you find a company you love and love the people you work with; but I do. I'm blessed.

I've officially invented and converted to a turkeytarian. O dear Jennie-O, how I love thee. I've found fabulous recipes and will be trying some over the next two weeks. Tonight, Turkey Meatloaf with chipotle peppers. Can I get a yum-yum?

This weeks big events, weigh-in tomorrow and my 2nd fill on Thursday. After tomorrow I should be within 5 lbs. of my Thanksgiving goal. The monthly visitor stopped in over the weekend; I'm hoping it doesn't effect my numbers. I can't wait to get a fill. I've been coasting on pure will power the last week. I've done well, but you know how it is.

I thought I would share my first set of before and current face pics. I am the least photogentic person on.the.face.of.the.planet. So, pardon the scariness! Also in my defense, the before pic was taken after working out thus the crazy hair and absense of make-up. Just sayin'.

9/7/10 - Taken the day before I started pre-op liquid diet. (Surgery 9/22)

11/16/10 - 7 weeks post-op.


  1. You look so beautiful and happy! Congrat!!!

  2. Nikki...beautiful!! Seriously! I love using ground chicken breast sometimes...it melds well with other flavors too. I make burger..use it for pasta sauces..meatloaf..I serving has like 85 cals. Try it sometime. Make sure it is breast though.

  3. You look absolutely amazing! So happy! I can definately see a new you emerging in your face!!

    I love turkey - going to try Amanda's chicken, too!

    Have a terrific day!

  4. Where'd the double chin go? You look GREAT!

  5. Wow! You double chin is already gone! Fantastic!!!!!!

  6. Wow thats incredible, as the other ladies said your chin is gone!!!! Amazing transformation in so little time, nice work. :)

  7. Looking good! It's great when we can start seeing the changes ourselves :)


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