Friday, October 22, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.....

Officially my least favorite part of this lovely journey, today was my first official day back on protein shakes since the liquid diet phase came to an end 3 weeks ago.  My doctor's office had some protein mix on clearance yesterday for $5. The box had 7 individual packs with 34g of protein per serving. Add 16 oz. of water, shake and enjoy. Might I add a few things: 1) It wasn't the best tasting stuff but tolerable. 2) It took me almost 3 hours to get all of this down 3) I can't wait until Sunday and can start back on soft foods. My major point: 3 hours to drink down a shake, insane. So happy my first fill left me restricted. The real results will come when I can start eating in a few days, but for now - very happy.

I had to reset all my goals. I based my goals off of day 1 post-op. Meaning, I thought I would have instant restriction, despite the scary strories about bandster hell. The first few days post-op, yes - I still believed. Next, bandster hell slowly set in and then a stall leading to a few pounds gained. I've adjusted accordingly based on my first fill:

goal 1:  235 [Halloween ]
goal 2:  220 [Thanksgiving]
goal 3: 199 [New Year's Day]
goal 4: 170 [10th Wedding Anniversary, 4/7]

Please offer feedback on those goals. I've asked and have been told they are very obtainable. Your thoughts?

I officially start the gym on Monday. Yes, my membership started several weeks ago but while in bandster hell, I was so discouraged I didn't go one time. Yes, I wouldn't have gained those few I feel but I did and that weigh in is over.

Leaving you this gorgeous fall day with a few fall pics with family ♥

 Hayride with my niece Rachel and nephew Caleb.

Sitting around the fire with my fabulous mother-n-law.
 Sleep-over! (w/ caleb, rachel and mary bea)
 my ♥ J


  1. The goals sound reasonable if your restriction stays in tact. I've had my first fill and don't feel squat so I haven't even set my goals yet...probably need to get around to that. Great looking family!

  2. Those are some great goals. Cute looking kiddos too!

  3. GREAT photos!! Thank you for sharing!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!

    I like the goals you set - I'll be on you to reach them too!! What are friends for... :)

    Have a terrific weekend!


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